BMI-DigiPeak14 Cell Charger

BMI-DigiPeak14 Cell Charger

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1)      Entire aluminum outside case is good for heat dissipation

2)      Built-in a DC cooling fan

3)      Using high techniques of 0V and –V and 16 bits microchip CPU controller

4)      For charging1-14 cells Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries

5)      Variable charge rates; 200mA~5000mA

6)      Functions of charge and discharge

7)      Voltage booster to DC 28V

8)      Large LCD display indicate voltmeter(volt), ammeter(amp) and capacity(mAh)

9)      Output has car fuse protections

10)   LED has three kind of colors to show the functions of charge, trickle charge and discharge

11)   With beeper to indicate the charging status



1.       Plug the correct charger into a DC 12V power source, making sure (+) and (-) signs are properly.  The charger will beep once when proper connection is made.  The LCD will show 28V, which is normal.

2.       Push the select button once, the red light will quickly flash to indicate “fast charge” condition.  The LCD readout will correspond to the current /voltage.  Use the charge rate adjustment knob to select the appropriate charge rate.  After 30 seconds, the red light will stay on (not flashing), DO NOT adjust the charge rate knob in this state.

3.       While charging, the red light will remain on.  If you adjust the current in this state, the charging process will stop and shut down.

4.       When charging is complete, the charger will beep ten times and the light turns to green (trickle charge).  Push the start button to process the next charge action if necessary.



Charge Current


Charge Current


















4A and over

Please note that all Tx and Rx cells should be charged at a charge rate of 1A.  Any higher and you run the risk of seriously damaging the cells.



1.       Push the select button twice, the charger will beep twice, means charge after discharge (orange light stays on). (The red light flash, it means that the charger is now on a mode of “charge after discharge”; when the battery packs are discharged under constant voltage, the charger will beep once and turn to charge until charging is complete.  The orange light means discharge first and the red light flashes means waiting.)

2.       After the battery packs is finished discharging, the charger advance to trickle mode for 2 minutes.  It will then return to fast charge.

3.       Set the current ready before using this mode.

4.       After charging is complete, re-peak once to check charging.



1.       Push the select button three times, the charger will beep three times, means “discharge” mode (orange light stays on).  Battery starts discharging at this time, switch Selector Switch to Ammeter to set discharge rate.

(Normally 1 cell : 0.9V)

2.       When the voltage goes down under a constant level, the discharge process is complete and the charger will beep once and then turns to “trickle charge” mode.



1.       DC 12V power source (+) (-) can not be connected inversely (will be no work).

2.       The charger output (+) (-) must be well connected while charging, or the 7.5A fuse may blow.

3.       If the power supply is insufficient (lower than 10V), the LCD screen will read Err? and the charger will beep.

4.       The charge current must be adjusted according to the charge chart in order to prolong the life of the batteries.

5.       During the charging process, DO NOT ADJUST THE CHARGE CURRENT.

6.       The 7.5Amp fuse can not be used for other specifications.

7.       The 8 cell TX cells MUST BE SET AT 1Amp OR LESS to avoid burning the second chip in the computer.



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